Terms and Conditions

“Website” – Web site https://myland.com.ge
“Managing Company” – Web site is the managing company of https: //myland.com.ge.
“User” – a natural or legal person who uses a site service, places an announcement or looking for desired products.
“Application” – information posted on the web site for sale, renting, pledged real estate.
1. The basic conditions of the contract.
1.1 Managing company is not an organizer, co-participant, seller or buyer of any transaction. The site is an intermediary that helps the seller and the buyer to contact each other.
1.2 The Managing Company provides the placement of the ads in the appropriate section, which helps customers find real estate easily.
1.3 The Managing Company does not belong to any of the products posted on the site and does not have any additional information about their real state.
1.4 The quality, safety, legality and compliance of the immovable property indicated in the statement shall not be controlled by the management company.
1.5 The information provided on the site serves the realization of customer product and contact with other users.
1.6 Any physical or legal person may place personal information on the site by its own interests, in accordance with its own interests.
1.7 When placing information on the site the user agrees that the information will be open and any user will be able to view it.
1.8 Subject to 1.7, the User assumes all risks associated with dissemination of this information.
1.9 The information posted on the site does not have a legal force, the user is obliged to verify the accuracy of information before any financial transaction.
2. Placement of the application
2.1 The user does not have the right to place the application on which the content contradicts the active legislation of Georgia.
2.2 In order to locate a property on a real estate site, you must register and agree to myland.com.
2.3 It is possible to add an application to all physical and juridical persons, except for persons under 18.
2.4 User is obliged to place full information on the terms of real estate and terms of sale according to site instructions.
2.5 The user confirms that he has the right to real estate real estate indicated in the statement.
2.6 The number of active applications on the web card for individual individuals is 3 active applications.
2.7 Not applicable:
2.7.1 Be erroneous, inaccurate and should not mislead the user.
2.7.2 Serve fraud, misuse, or trust.
2.7.3 contain information about the sale of stolen or fraudulent products.
2.7.4 Subject to the material and intangible property of a third person shall not violate the rights of the third person.
2.7.5 contain information that will damage the dignity of the third person or business reputation.
2.7.6 Discrimination against religious, ethnic or other minorities.
2.7.7 to include threats against anyone.
2.7.8 to call for criminal action.
2.7.9 to provide support or to provoke terrorist and extremist actions.
2.7.10 contain pornographic content.
2.7.11 Include advertising information about the property, item or service or company (other than the application of telephone numbers with paid telephone information service or reference to the user / agency profile) that differs from the content of the application.
2.7.12 Violation of any other act of legislation of Georgia.
2.8 Customers can not draw a conclusion about the legitimacy of transaction, since the fact that the products are posted on the site.
3. The rights and obligations of the management company
3.1 Managing company is not an accomplice of any agreement and is not responsible for any user action. All negotiations are directly between users.
3.2 The management company is not responsible for the accuracy of information posted on the site.
3.4 The management company can not guarantee that the information on the site of the announcer’s person will be coincidental with its actual data.
3.5 The Managing Company has the right to make a declaration different from the type indicated by the user.
3.6 The Managing Company has the right to terminate any announcement at any time.
3.7 The management company is not responsible for loss or damage to information posted on the site, as well as loss of notification.
3.8 The managing company does not guarantee the site’s permanent and uninterrupted work.
3.9 In case of violation of the agreement, the management company has the right to block the user’s IP address.
3.10 The Managing Company may change this Agreement without any special notice. Changes to the Agreement will be reflected in the ‘Terms of Use of the Site’ section.
4. User rights and obligations
4.1 The user does not have the right to transfer his username and password to the third person
4.2 In case of any doubts about the distribution of personal data, the user is obliged to immediately change them.
4.3 The User is obliged to inform the Managing Company immediately by clicking on the “Invoice Notification” notice about the application that violates the rules of the Web page or violate the applicable Georgian legislation.
4.4 Customers are prohibited to advertise any type of advertising (from the object of different applications) or to the other site’s link.
4.5 The user is obliged to act in accordance with the applicable legislation and site rules of Georgia and shall be responsible for the actions carried out by him on the site of the Georgian legislation.
4.6 If any customer complains or misunderstandings with another user, it will submit its claims directly to the customer against whom the claim is independently from the management company. It relieves the management company (as well as any of its employees) from any requirements. Including: compensation from damages, reimbursement of expenses and any agreement with the site related to reimbursement of any expenses.
4.7 The use of the Site is permitted by the user without any warranty and in accordance with applicable laws of Georgia.
4.8 User receives full responsibility for the information posted on the site, which allows the user to provide information to other users.
5. Registration rules:
5.1 User is obliged to indicate real data, contact number, electronic mail address, gender, location and birth year.
5.2 The registration of another person is prohibited during registration.
5.3 Username and password must be active email. Email address may contain Latin characters (A-Z), numbers (0-9) and characters.
5.4 It is prohibited to indicate any kind of offensive phrase in the user’s name.
5.5 If the customer has not used the amount transferred within 2 years after the last enrollment, the balance will be reduced.

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